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RenaVen (formerly Kidney Complex) 60 Vcaps

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This premier quality, broad-spectrum formula offers support for detoxification and optimal kidney health. RenaVen™ features two key botanical blends: Rena-Prime™ and Rena-Bolic Support™, the perfect support blend.

PRL RenaVen provides critical support for any detoxification or immune-specific program. If the kidneys become weak, the body becomes overwhelmed with toxins. Then, nothing else works properly. RenaVen strengthens the kidneys internally. An additional aid is the use of a specific mud pack procedure externally.

The kidneys are the power & strength of the body. All disease can be traced to weak kidneys.

Over 5000 years of Chinese medicine has proven that the main strength in the body lies in the kidneys (energetically speaking). Superior kidney health is essential. When the kidneys weaken, your health is sure to fail and chronic diseases can develop. The first step back to good health is to strengthen the kidneys. The outcome of any disease ultimately depends on the power of the kidneys.

By strengthening the kidneys, we increase the body's power to store energy. The kidneys can then store and release energy on demand to maintain the body's best health.

The kidneys are also highly involved with bone metabolism so if they are weak, the body's pH will be off and you will not be able to get alkaline, which is a crucial component of health. So, if you have been unable to get alkaline then you may need kidney support.

Common kidney-depleting factors are physical and emotional stress, medical drugs (especially antibiotics, pain killers and high blood pressure medication), recreational drugs, and eating a poor diet including too much meat, coffee, fried foods, chips, white sugar, hydrogenated oils, soft drinks, foods with aspartame, MSG, natural flavors and other toxic food additives.

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Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule, 3 times daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.