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How do you like the sound of "Healthy & Wealthy"

The model is simple: Learn->Earn->Teach->Earn->Learn...

Are you in the Health & Wellness industry already? If you're not, would you like to have more energy, feel stronger, clearer, improve your daily performance, while bringing more health & wellness knowledge into your life and of your family? How about earning an additional income while improving your health and of others? 

The Wellness Revolution is the Next Trillion Dollar Industry...

The Wellness Industry offers a great opportunity to earn an extra income while improving your most precious asset, your Health and of your family.

The opportunity of the Wellness Industry has never been greater. It is said to be the next Trillion Dollar Industry. It is the next big economic boom as we all want to live healthier, longer lives.

  • How would you like a second income while improving your health and the ones around you?
  • Would you like to be your own boss? Work at your own hours and in your own terms?
  • To own your own business without the worries of employees, inventory and bank loans?
  • To eliminate time consuming commutes?
  • To eliminate the insecurities of being laid off?

At Health & Light Institute we have what it takes to help you capture a share of the Wellness Revolution while achieving financial freedom, becoming healthier, attaining higher levels of energy, productivity and joy while helping others on the way.

The model is simple: Learn->Earn->Teach->Earn->Learn...

The companies below can provide you with different streams of income:

  1. Earn a Profit: You can purchase the products at wholesale and make the difference by selling at retail price.
  2. Earn Commissions: Recommend the products to others by sending them to your own (company provided replicated) website. When they purchase you earn a commision. No inventory needed.
  3. Earn Residual Income: Over time all the people that you recommended the products to, and all the people that they recommend to, will build you a stream on residual income, an income that with a minimum effort that comes back to you month after month.

Below are the companies we recommend for renewed health and financial freedom. Have any questions? Contact us.