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Stay with us!

How would you like to unplug and dive-in into one of our residential transformational health & wellness programs, receiving daily nurturing healing & bodywork sessions, supervised detox/fasting, meditation and/or water yoga classes, health & wellness coaching and/or spiritual counselling? 

You can book your own private, personalized & highly customizable mini-retreat ahead of time or design it as you go.

The base private room price includes:

  • Overnight stay in your own private bedroom: with queen size organic mattress & bedding, 55" TV and your own desk with high speed wifi to take care of any business.
  • Semi-Private Bathroom: Your bathroom is private for your own exclusive use except if we have private session during your stay, in which case we'd let you know 24hrs in advance.
  • Shared, complimentary amenities: 
    • Far Infrared Sauna (near zero EMF),
    • Screened patio/yoga room with fitness balls,
    • Outdoor garden area with outdoor shower,
    • Rebounder fitness trampoline,
    • Heated Salt Water Pool,
    • Fully Equipped Kitchen & Dining area,
    • Living Room with Cloud Couch,
    • 2 Beach Cruiser Bicycles, which you can use for a 10 min. ride to the beach.

It does not include: Meals, daily check ins, private sessions, classes, wellness coaching, counselling, consultations or other services. You'd need to book these additionally.

Max Occupancy: 2 adults.

Check in window: 3-10pm.

Check-out: Noon. 

Shared Amenities:

Our Kitchen:

We've a fully equipped shared kitchen area for you to use during your stay and prepare your own meals. It's fully equipped with appliances to support your healing/wellness program like veggie and citrus juicers, Vitamix blender, dehydrator and reverse osmosis water filter.

Our Outdoor Garden Area: 

Our very quiet outdoor area includes a screened patio/yoga space with fitness balls, outdoor furniture, including daybed, heated pool and grass lawn. It's a very relaxing space where you will only hear the sound of birds and the palm trees leaves moving with the wind.

Our Pool:

Our secluded, outdoor, in-ground salt warm water pool has pristine body-temperature water of 96°F. We're very health conscious and proud of offering a state of the art water filtration & sanitation system in our pool consisting mostly of ozone and UV light. You won't be noticing any harmful chlorine (common in public pools) during your stay.

Our Sauna:

Our healthy (near zero EMF) Far Infrared Sauna (FIRS) is perfect for assisting your health and wellbeing, increasing your endurance recovery, treating chronic pain and safely detoxifying (heavy metals, mold and other toxins and pathogens that may impair our immune system). Your can learn more about its benefits here.

For a detailed look at your private bedroom & semi-private bath, shared facilities and availability, you can read all about our vacation rental listing on Airbnb  here:


Please call us at 1-754-273-5510 or contact us to confirm the availability of our desired dates and answer any questions you may have. 


We understand that plans change that's why we offer a full refund 7 days prior to arrival and a 50% refund up to 48 hrs prior to arrival. But no refunds after that.

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