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About us


We are a Health & Wellness Retreat Center located in Hollywood, Florida, only 30 minutes north of Miami.

Locally we offer:  

Here on our website our mission is to provide you with tools & the latest information on natural healing methods alongside with products, procedures and devices which will greatly assist you in improving your sense of awareness & well being.

We offer seasonal weekend and weeklong transformational Health & Wellness conferences, workshops and/or retreats so make sure you sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page to be on the loop.

Our approach to Well Being:

We believe that the ultimate longing of all human beings, in the many paths and forms, is for Wholeness.

We believe that Wholeness can only be achieved by an intimate Relationship between Body, Mind & Spirit.

We believe that we're a vessel of Bliss and that by purifying the Mind & Body we achieve better Health and rise to Higher Levels of Energy & Consciousness.

We believe in the innate wisdom of the body to heal itself and we make available information, tools & products to help achieve that balance to live at your maximum potential.

Although we do not give medical advice, we’ll gladly coach you with your Health goals and support you during this process.*

We're always learning and we welcome your comments and experiences.

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Please remember always to consult your physician if you have a specific condition.

About the Owner:

Alejandro Medin (Alex) graduated as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in 1990 from the Universidad de Belgrano in Argentina.

During this period in college Alex sought deep for answers in psychotherapy and the exploration of mind altering drugs. He got to experience first hand the benefits of cannabis, which helped him tremendously in getting in touch with his body and eventually cured his long time affliction with Asthma.

His uncompromised search for Truth took him beyond western psychology into continuing his education on Eastern studies, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and Healing work.

In 1995 he moved to India to deepen his experiencial studies and dove deep into the teachings of his spiritual master Osho.

At Osho's ashram Alex got to experience all sorts of western therapies, adapted to Osho's teachings on Meditation, all with the purpose of cleansing the body and mind to experience true Awareness, realization and Oneness.

Within the myriad of therapies he explored there, he particularly resonated with ecstatic dancing and an aquatic therapy called Aquafloating, intended to promote deep levels of relaxation in the receiver. Later that year he moved to Maui, Hawaii and continued to explore the benefits of aquatic floating therapy.

He eventually traced down the origins of the aquatic healing work and in 1998 he moved to Harbin Hot Springs, where Watsu and many other forms of Aquatic Therapy were born, and dove deep into healing work and Aquatic Therapy training and lived and worked at Harbin for over 18 years.

In the year 2000, deepening his understanding on how the body holds keys to unlock the mind, he continued his education on bodywork and became a Massage Therapist from Heartwood Institute and continued education at Esalen Institute in California.

At Harbin Alex got to learn and experience first hand on the benefits of dance and relaxation as tools to detoxify and cleanse the body and mind to regain our wholeness as body-mind-spirit.

During that time he got to dive into nutrition and the benefits of achieving high performance through the use of nutritional supplements and eventually gave birth to Health & Light Institute which became his company ever since through which he shares his experience.

In 2014 he moved to Miami where he continues his practice. He is the director of Ecstatic Dance Miami and the resident therapist at Health & Light Institute at our Hollywood, Florida location.