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Existing Customers & Members Looking for Corporate Offices:

If you're already a member or purchased directly from the companies below you will need to contact them directly. Select the company by clicking on the desired Tab below and the respective contact information will appear.

  • Asea

    ASEA Customer Service: 1-801-973-7499 - New customers will need our id#1122731501 to place orders over the phone. ASEA Corporate Website.

  • Global Health Trax

    Global Health Trax Customer Service: 1-760-542-3000. New customers need our id#35553 to place orders over the phone. GHT Corporate Website.

  • Lifevantage

    Lifevantage Customer Service: 1-801-432-9300. New customers need our id#205740 to place orders over the phone. LifeVantave Corporate Website.

  • RBCLife

    RBC Life Sciences Customer Service: 1-800-350-9497. New customers need our id#573845 to place orders over the phone. RBCLife Corporate Website.

  • StemTech

    StemTech Customer Service: 1-954-715-6000. New customers need our id#3241801 to place orders over the phone. StemTech Corporate Website.

  • Synergy

    Synergy Customer Service: 1-801-769-7800. New customers need our id#1455089 to place orders over the phone. Synergy Corporate Website.

  • Univera

    Univera Customer Service: 1-877-627-4787. New customers need our id#1657129 to place orders over the phone. Univera Corporate Website.

  • Waiora

    Waiora Customer Service: 1-866-699-2467. New customers need our id#646222 to place orders over the phone. Waiora Corporate Website.

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To contact Health & Light Institute or our Online Store  please use the form below. We'll respond within 24hrs. You can also contact us by phone at 1-800-801-7196.