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Therapeutic Healing Sessions Including Massage & Bodywork

Health & Light Practitioners


** Due COVID19 social distancing requirements, our bodywork sessions are temporarily on hold. We still offer spiritual & psychological counseling/coaching remotely via Zoom. **

According to Harvard Medical School, Stanford University Medical School, the Mayo Clinic, the Centers for Disease Control and numerous other research centers, there is one source for up to 95% of all illnesses and disease and that is stress. The remaining is due to genetic predisposition which, in turn, is triggered by stress. 

"Too much stress for too long creates what is known as ‘chronic stress’ which has been linked to heart disease, stroke, and may also influence cancer and chronic respiratory diseases. And illness is just the tip of the iceberg. Stress affects you emotionally, as well, marring the joy you gain from life and loved ones.” Harvard Medical School."


The therapeutic bodywork we offer is actually healing work and will help you restore your feeling of wholeness, not only allowing you to recover from acute physical or emotional pain or trauma but also from a chronic stress driven modern lifestyle.

Our deeply nurturing sessions will help you, through skilled therapeutic touch, reset your parasympathetic nervous system, allowing you sink deeper into blissful state of being.

We integrate a variety of different modalities including Esalen Massage (deeply nurturing), Swedish, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral, Reiki and Energy work.

All of our healing and bodywork sessions include the use of our facility including, our warm therapeutic pool, hot shower and fresh towels.

About our facility:

We're located in Hollywood FL, only 30 minutes north of Miami, in a very quiet neighborhood, where you'll only hear the sound of birds and wind gently passing through the palm trees, Ideal for your R&R quiet retreat.

We're very health conscious and proud of offering a state of the art filtration & sanitation system for the water in our pool. You won't be smelling any chlorine during your session.

Our secluded, outdoor, in-ground salt warm water pool has pristine body-temperature water ranging from 93-96°F, depending on the weather, and our water sanitation system consists mainly of Ozone (O3) and UV light with a small amount of residual chlorine generated by our salt system.  

Our salt level is similar to that of an intravenous saline solution which is less than 10 times the amount of salt in ocean waters, so it's very mild. 

If you'd like to dive-in and stay overnight, our Airbnb guests get 20% discount on all bodywork and healing sessions. Please book your overnight stay here:

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About our practitioners:

Otherwise noted or requested, our sessions are given by Alejandro who has over 20 years of experience as a massage therapist, bodyworker and healer, and over 30 as a psychotherapist. You will be in good hands :) You can read his bio in the About Us section.

Call us to make an appointment at 1-754-273-5510.