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Premier Turmeric 60Vcaps

Premier Research Labs


Premier quality Turmeric rhizome with no additives. It is imported from botanical growers in India.  

Turmeric is much more than a culinary spice. For centuries in Asia, turmeric has been considered to be an important herb for vitality and healthy living. Turmeric has been traditionally used to nourish the gastrointestinal tract and to support liver health.

One key to turmeric's benefits is derived from its natural concentration of specific compounds known as curcuminoids, which possess excellent antioxidant capabilities. 

Key Benefits:

  • The antioxidant potential of curcuminoids in turmeric are 300 times more potent than vitamin E
  • Contains remarkable, immune-modulating properties
  • Assists the detox mechanisms of the body, especially the liver*
  • Helps alleviate stiff and painful joints (anti-inflammatory)*
  • Helps improve and balances metabolism in the body*
  • Promotes healthy digestion, peristalsis and relieves gas*
  • Helps purify the subtle nerve channels of the body (known as the acupuncture meridian system)*
  • Non-irradiated grade 10 quality from India

Turmeric powder has long been used for medicinal purposes in Asia to treat gastrointestinal upsets, arthritis pain, and "low energy."  In traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric has been used as a tonic for the digestive system and the liver, to dispel worms, strengthen the body, and dissolve gallstones; and for menstrual irregularity and arthritis.  In old Hindu texts it is described as an aromatic, stimulant, and carminative (an agent that helps expel gas from the intestines and treats colic).*

Premier Tumeric is made from non-irradiated grade 10 quality organic Tumeric from India. It is freshly ground on site with nontoxic grinders, encapsulated immediately after grinding to retain its unparalleled, active volatile essential oils (open a capsule to smell its rich, full-bodied aroma). This is crucial because tumeric will go rancid quickly after exposure to the air.

Contents / Ingredients:

Grade 10 Indian Turmeric (rhizome) (Curcuma longa) - 500mg