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Pool Rental

Health & Light Institute



How would you like to unwind in a peaceful space surrounded by nature, getting a much needed psychic space, away from your daily stress, to decompress, rest,  meditate, while enjoying our pristine & regenerative warm water therapeutic private pool?


We're located in Hollywood in south Florida, only 10 minutes away from Hollywood beach, 30 minutes north of Miami, in a very quiet neighborhood where you'll only hear the sounds of birds and wind gently passing through the palm trees, ideal for your private R&R quiet and detox retreat. 

What's included in the Pool Rental?

You can book the pool area on an hourly basis which includes:

  • Warm therapeutic swimming pool.
  • Outdoor garden area with lounge chairs & shade umbrellas.
  • Outdoor Shower.

Please bring your own towel/s (if you'll be using the Sauna you'll need three). You can also rent towels from us at $5 per towel.

By Appointment Only. No drop-ins allowed. Please call us to schedule your appointment.

If you'd like to also use our Far Infrared Sauna, take a look at our 2 hr Detox Day Spa Package. Or, if you'd rather dive-in and stay overnight or for a few days, create your own Personalized Retreat Package here.

Our Pool:

Our secluded, outdoor, in-ground salt warm water private pool is perfect for meditation and regenerative therapies. It has pristine body-temperature water of 96°F and our state of the art water sanitation system consists mainly of Ozone (O3) and UV light with a small amount of residual chlorine generated by our salt system. Body temperature water is perfect for regenerative water therapies like Watsu and Aquatic Healingwork.