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Wholistic Therapy/Counseling & Coaching

Health & Light Practitioners


We're living through stressful, critical times and confusion often permeates many areas in our lives. But with every crisis comes the opportunity for growth. We can help you reconnect to what's real and true to you, finding clarity and a renewed sense of purpose to live your life at your maximum potential and fulfill your dreams. 

We can address common conditions like depression, addictions, trauma, confusion/lack of purpose, relationships and/or needs for spiritual guidance.

~Sessions are done in person or remotely via Zoom, in english, spanish or spanglish :) 15 minutes first time consultations are free for new clients. Just call us to make and appointment.~

Alejandro graduated as a Licensed Clinical Psychology from the University of Belgrano in Argentina in 1990. His postgraduate studies include eastern spirituality, yoga, meditation, tantra, Reiki, breathwork, land and aquatic Bodywork, hands on healing, nutrition, shamanism and psychoactive plant medicines. He is also the owner of Health & Light Institute.