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As a Holistic Somatic Psychotherapist, counselor and coach, I understand that true healing and well-being arises from reclaiming our sense of Wholeness and unlocking the boundless potential of our Authentic Selves.

This journey requires a comprehensive Body-Mind-Spirit approach that not only addresses the complexities of our minds, by dissolving inner conflicts to achieve clarity, but also working closely with our bodies by clearing out any energetic, unconscious blocks, deeply stored in our body-memories from past traumas, which could be preventing us from experiencing the fullness of our being. By having a deeper connection with our bodies, we also aim to rediscover the power in our nutrition to rejuvenate and restore our vitality for sustained mental clarity.

Yet, all of these would feel meaningless unless we're able to align and reconnect with our Soul purpose and heart's desire, our Soul longing and calling.

In my practice I provide a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to explore and understand their inner selves, resolve inner conflicts and embark themselves on a fulfilling path of self-recovery/discovery. My sessions are designed to help you navigate the unique challenges of life, relationships and be able to achieve a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose.

My holistic somatic psychotherapy practice includes a variety of techniques and modalities to help you connect to your inner wisdom and gain a deeper understanding of yourself. I work with individuals to explore their minds (beliefs, values, aspirations and conflicts) and bodies to help them recover their vitality while helping them design their own life purpose, creating a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

I believe that holistic psychotherapy can be beneficial to anyone, regardless of their belief systems or religious background. My services are open to people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds who are looking for a deeper understanding of themselves, their hearts desires and the world around them.

I am trained to provide a wide range of services, including but not limited to:

  • Personal and spiritual development
  • Relationship issues
  • Grief and loss
  • Emotional Release
  • Anxiety, Trauma and PTSD
  • Addictions
  • Grief & Depression
  • Lack of Purpose
  • Stress management
  • Life transitions and changes
  • Career and vocational counseling

My goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment that encourages self-discovery, growth, and healing. I understand that every individual is unique and my services are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. I offer both, in-person and remote sessions for your convenience. Sessions can be in English or Spanish.

"True healing is a holistic journey of listening to your mind, body, and soul. Together, we can embark on a path of self-discovery that will empower you to live authentically."

If you're looking for a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships and your place in the world, my Holistic counseling services may be the perfect fit for you. Browse my website to learn more about our services and/or book your session today. I am committed to helping you achieve your goals and live a more fulfilling life.

I look forward to working with you and helping you to uncover your true potential and inner wisdom. Take the first step towards self-discovery and book your session today.

Alejandro is the owner, director and coordinator of Health Services at Health & Light Institute. He has graduated as a Licensed Clinical Psychology from the University of Belgrano in Argentina in 1990 and moved to the USA in 1995. His postgraduate studies include eastern spirituality, yoga, meditation, tantra, Reiki, breathwork, land and aquatic Bodywork, hands on healing, nutrition, shamanism and psychoactive plant medicines. 

Please contact us to have a free 15 minute initial consultation and/or to book your appointments.

If this is your initial consultation, please sign our  Psychotherapy Intake form here.

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