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Quantum Energy Spa Sessions

Health & Light Practitioners

The Q2 Water Energy Spa is the latest in home based systems developed by Q-Tech Laboratories as an aid for relaxation and well-being. It was created to realign, balance and significantly enhance the bio-energetic level in water that can be absorbed by the cells of all living things such as people, animals and plants. The Experience increases vitality, clarity and an overall sense of well being in the client.

  • What is the Q2 Energy Spa?

    The Q2 water energy Spa is a hydrotherapy device used to enhance and amplify your body’s own ability to heal itself. The Q2 is based on the emerging field of Quantum physics where a produced biocharge resonates with your own energy field improving healing and detoxification.

    The Q2 unleashes the capacity for water to transform electric energy into Life Force energy. By being in contact with the water during the process, your body is able to assimilate this Bio Energy and then utilize the energy as it sees fit. Once you body has the energy is needs to work with, its restoration/regeneration capacity is recovered. The results are astonishing.

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  • Key Benefits of using the Q2 Energy Spa:

    By using the Q2 Energy Spa regularly, you can increase your energy levels whenever needed. Healthy or not, the benefits of the Q2 Energy Spa can be an advantage to all.

    We have found that not only is detoxification enhanced, but that hydration, water intra and extra cellular compartmentalization, and cell membrane integrity is improved (measured using bio impedance). Additionally, dark field microscopy shows a marked improvement in blood between pre and post sessions.

    In addition, the Q2 improves autonomic nervous system activity by increasing parasympathetic tone (measured using heart rate variability). As you may know, the ratio of sympathetic to parasympathetic activity reflects the stress the body is dealing with. Most people, particularly those challenged with degenerative diseases, are afflicted with an overactive sympathetic nervous system and a suppressed parasympathetic system. The parasympathetic system is also associated with the body’s repair and regeneration mechanisms. Consistent with this, we have routinely seen that acupuncture meridians become more balanced with the Q2.

    In a controlled clinical study measuring emotional and psychological mood scales as well as brain wave analysis, participants had a statistically significant reduction in hostility, anger, depression and unhappiness, as well as increased alpha brain wave coherence, after a single 35-minute footbath.

    • Increases Vitality and Natural Energy Levels*
    • Revitalizes Blood*
    • Detox & Neutralization of Toxins*
    • Pain & Stress Relief*
    • Reduced Inflammation
    • Faster Recovery Time from Injury or Illness*
    • Reduced Fluid Retention*
    • Improved Endocrine and Metabolic Functions*
    • Improved Kidney + Liver Function*
    • Elimination of Menstrual Pain*
    • Dermal Rejuvenation*
    • Improved Sleep*
    • Reduces Stress and Tension*
    • Restores Harmony and Balance*
    • Simple & Easy to Use by Everyone
    • Latest in Health Technology
    • A Natural Life Force Charger*
    • Non-Invasive

    Note: One unfortunate consequence of the early association with detoxification can be seen in the development of imitation products that draw attention to electrolytic decomposition of electrodes and associated water impurity precipitation as perceived bodily toxins appearing in the water.

    Although an individual’s energy field affects the electro chemistry taking place in the water and thus the water’s appearance, in reality, detoxification is accomplished through the body’s organs of elimination as they become energized along with other bodily systems.

  • How is the Q2 Energy Spa used?

    The Q2 Energy Spa is experienced either at home or in a practitioner's location, using a footbath, hand bath or full body bath. The System is made up of two primary components, a power supply and the Q2 Orb that interacts with water.

    The system is used by placing the Q2 orb in a container of water, connecting the UL certified Power Supply, and then having either your feet, hands or body immersed in the water for 20-35 minutes.

    • Up to 35 minutes
    • every other day
    • Relax and Enjoy

    Why is Water Used as a medium?

    Water is the primary constituent of all life; it is the medium through which all bio energetic processes occur. We know the rejuvenating and revitalizing effects of water sources such as Lourdes in France with unique properties. These waters exhibit unusually large amounts of bio energy which has been said to have the power to influence those who touch it. Imagine having "Lourdes" in your own home.

    Why are our natural energy reserves depleted?

    We assimilate and use bio-energy from our environment, air, water and food. It is well known that the quality of all these has diminished and have been polluted by man's 'advances'. Although we have adapted to our more toxic and energy depleted environment, our energy levels often do not have anything in reserve to help us.

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