Digestion Enhancement Enzymes 120Vcaps

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Category: Digestion, Enzymes, Nourish

Type: Supplements

  • Digestion Enhancement Enzymes™ is a comprehensive and potent array of enzymes for optimized digestion, assimilation, and utilization of all types of foods and nutrients, with no wasted enzymes. These enzymes have a powerful effect on the digestion of food.* Contrary to enzymes of animal origin, these 100% plant-derived enzymes are effective throughout a wide pH range. Once you have sufficient enzymes to digest your food, more is of NO value for digestion. That is why Digestion Enhancement Enzymes™ focus on the quality, pH range, and wide spectrum of enzymes, rather than adding more enzymes (that do NOT help to digest further). 
    • Formulated to maximize digestion & assimilation of all foods and nutrients.
    • No animal Products or testing.
    • A unique, comprehensive, and potent array of enzymes for improved digestion.
  • Each 2 VeganCaps™ provide:
    • Proteases - 25,250 HUT
    • Acid Specific Protease - 220 SAP
    • Lipase - 1,650 FIP
    • Amylase - 5,500 DU
    • Cellulase - 1000 CU
    • Lactase (non-dairy) - 400 LAC
    • Bromelain (from pineapple) - 11,000 FCC
    • Papain (from papaya) - 13,200 PU
    • Alpha Galactosidase 90 GalU
    Other Ingredients: VeganCaps™ (fermented tapioca)
  • Suggested Use: 2 capsules per cooked food meal or snack, depending on content and volume of meal. Ideally, take with the first bites of meal/snack. Save money on enzymes by eating more raw foods, and therefore requiring less of them!
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.